Archery Basics

Want to get into archery? Learn the basics with Olympic Silver Medalist, Jake Kaminski. This video covers how to pick the proper bow size, arrows, and how to execute proper form. Want to learn more? Join one of our classes where USA Archery certified instructors and coaches will teach you everything you need to know about archery.

Steps of Shooting

The following steps are part of a series of motions used to create an optimal shot. This technique is part of the NTS (Nation Training System) and can be learned in more detail, in any of our classes. For more details on each step, click on the steps below.






bullet-targetAlways walk on the range

bullet-targetKeep your arrows in your quiver until you are told to shoot

bullet-targetOnly release the bow string when an arrow is nocked and saftly pointed toward the target

bullet-targetLeave dropped arrows on the ground until instructed to retrieve them

bullet-targetIf there is an emergency on the range immediately alert the instructor


2 Whistle Blasts = Go to the shooting line

1 Whistle Blast = Shoot

3 Whistle Blasts = Retrieve Arrows

5 or More Whistle Blasts = EMERGENCY: Immediately stop shooting, return bows to the rack and go behind the waiting line



1) No loose fitting jewelry.

2) Hair should be tied back if it is long

3) No pockets or draw strings on the chest as they can get caught on the bow

4) No Jackets or Sweatshirts, they are bulky and can get caught on the bow
5) Open-toed shoes/flip flops/sandals are unacceptable when shooting
6) A chest guard is optional but can protect a persons chest from contact with the bow string and is also useful for holding down loose clothing
7) An arm guard is worn on the arm that holds the bow and protects the shooter from getting hit by the bow string on the inside of the arm