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Points to the Cross is an full service archery club and association with JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) and Sr. Olympic Training Programs, Home School and After School programs, Camp programs, educational and certification courses. Points to the Cross began as a JOAD group and we’ve kept up the JOAD classes and format and have added the Adult Archery Achievement, and camp programs, and more.  Points to the Cross is also an outreach ministry providing various services to churches, schools, businesses and individuals. We became an outreach ministry through Oasis Christian Fellowship in April 2007.  As an outreach ministry, our focus is to provide services and resources to churches, schools, small businesses, and even individuals; to tend to their primary “business” while we (Points to the Cross) tend to these other (non-related) affiliations, ministries, and services for these organizations such as bookstores or book-sale tables and libraries, school group activities, camps, clubs, organized sports, and other outside services, events, and outreaches.

Participation in target archery, as in all the shooting sports, is a fun and relaxing, affordable way to develop hand eye coordination, physical form, concentration, patience, and discipline, in addition to calm, mature, safe and responsible behavior. It is an activity which can be practiced far into our senior years as well as together as a family, and can be utilized in other activities such as competition archery, hunting and bow fishing.

Proficiency in marksmanship with both bows and firearms in general was once a significant mainstay in the childhoods of American youth, considered greatly beneficial to the physical, mental, and character development of children, not to mention how vital a skill it is to providing for the family and defending both home and country. Sadly, these activities have been in many ways supplanted by other activities for children which are of much less substance, value and meaning, and are not always “family friendly” in terms of the entire family being able to participate as a whole or for many seasons.

The first day of each (group) session there is a period of orientation which familiarizes everyone with all that is involved with Archery ~ safety policies and procedures, general shooting techniques and form, the different types of equipment, proper selection and fit of equipment. The remaining days of each group session will be devoted to learning to shoot in the range under the supervision and guidance of the coaches and instructors of Points to the Cross.

The parallels between advancing in our competency as archers and in the maturity of our “walks in life” (whether Christian or not) are also good object lessons for youth and adults alike. Just as in archery, we must repeat certain steps each time we take a shot and practice, practice, practice in order to prosper and improve. So, also must we live our lives; stay grounded in the Word of God, prayer, and fellowship with our Christian brothers and sisters.

Remaining consistent is something we cannot demonstrate or emphasize too early or too often in the lives of our children. By shooting regularly, continually staying focused on the target and maintaining our form throughout, we are able to hit our target more often. In similar fashion, by continually staying focused and dependent on God, by daily tending to our walk through the Word, prayer, and fellowship, we are enabled to increasingly serve and glorify God, which further allows Him to bless our lives in countless, unimaginable ways.

If you are looking for a more meaningful physical activity for you and/or your child which can be learned in a family friendly environment, give archery a “shot”.

Points to the Cross Archery Club is a USAA (USA Archery) club. Our coaches and instructors are USA Archery certified. We currently specialize in children’s JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) training and Adult Archery Achievement programs, Home School and After School programs, Summer Camp programs, and more. There is something for everyone!

Points to the Cross is a non-profit organization; an outreach ministry through Oasis Christian Fellowship.