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We are a unique dealer for Lancaster Archery Supply and can help you with fitting and purchasing your archery equipment and supplies.  

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——Used equipment for sale—————————–


Hoyt GMX 25″ RH riser matt black with Fivics/soma magnetic rest and Beiter blade clicker; includes a Hoyt riser sleeve. – $625

Hoyt Quattro carbon limbs 36# Long has dampeners and limb sleeves – $450

Vintage Bows

Wing Presentation target compound bow RH 25” DL; 30 lbs. In good condition – older model. Colors – riser burnt orange; limbs off white. – $75

Vintage Recurve Bow – Bear “Grizzly” – CN1953; 6P733 – RH 58” ; 45# w/sight excellent condition – $275

Vintage Bear Archery Quiver Wire Frame fits on Recurve Bow holds 8 Arrows – $45