Eastside Martial Arts

Eastside Martial Arts

Eastside Martial Arts is a martial arts school that specializes in encouraging and equipping students to develop a depth to their character by discovering who they are through the Martial Arts, while improving overall coordination to excel in sports and life.

Points to the Cross – Outdoor Archery

Special thanks to Dave & Darlene Duprey of DupreyVideo.com for coming out on our last night of Outdoor Archery before summer break. Dave not only shot us doing what we love to do, but he got to give it a try too.

Why do I need an archery coach?

The Coach and Athlete Relationship

Because archery is such a technical sport, “drop-in” coaching sessions are rarely effective. Someone hoping to help you improve as an archer must see you over a period of time, see how you react to practice and tournament pressure, and see how you incorporate new knowledge and techniques. This requires a commitment of time and energy from both you and your coach. Continue reading…