Our Story

The story behind our club is rather interesting. In 1998, we started as a home-school archery class to fulfill the physical education requirements for home-schooled students. This also began as an outreach ministry of Calvary Chapel of Fairport through Bill and Debbie Foster. Long story shortened; as the Foster’s children entered their high school years, the Foster’s directed their attention to the music/worship mission field at Calvary Chapel of Greece, NY and abroad; they turned the archery ministry over to Doug and Sue Ludwig (with joint assistance from Tim and MaryAnn Hughes) in 2005.

Points to the Cross began as a JOAD group and we’ve kept up the JOAD (Jr. Olympic Archery Development) classes and format and have added the Senior Training Program (STP), camp programs, and more. We are the current After School Archery Program (ASAP) directors for New York State through NADA (National Alliance for the Development of Archery).
In 2006, Monroe County Sports Commission put a bid into the National Archery Association to bring a national sporting event to the Rochester area and needed to have a “host” club with the association with NAA and USA Archery. We said, “go for it”; it was a huge long-shot that the bid would even be accepted anyways since it had never been accepted in New York State since the inception of the event in 2007. Good God! We won the bid and hosted the national event in 2007; putting the Rochester venue on the “map” for viable venues for such events.

With this immense responsibility came the costs to put on a “first-rate” event. However, the expenses were far higher than our little club was able to endure; we would need a ton of support; financially, emotionally, and physically. We started fund raising and recruiting volunteers. However, in order for us to “fund raise” we needed to become a 501(c)3 “not for profit corporation” or affiliated with one. We became an outreach ministry through Oasis Christian Fellowship in April 2007.

As an outreach ministry, our focus is to provide services and resources to churches, schools, small businesses, and even individuals; to tend to their primary “business” while we (Points to the Cross) tend to these other (non-related) affiliations, ministries, and services for these organizations such as bookstores or book-sale tables and libraries, school group activities, camps, clubs, organized sports, and other outside services, events, and outreaches.

I hope that your questions about Points to the Cross have been answered or at least given you a little more insight of our little “mission” field.