Today’s News

Today’s News

2023 Winter classes will begin shortly; class schedule is posted below. Please note that our indoor range has less room than when we’re outdoors, so the class maximum is  less too.  To accommodate for the smaller class size, we added an extra day.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind.

The minimum age to start any of our programs is 10 years old.

Class size for indoor range – minimum is 3; maximum is 6

All archers must wear closed footwear with a good solid/hard sole. examples – sneakers, boots, shoes. NO sandals, crocs, soft soled shoes.

We shoot in all weather – sunny, rainy, snowy, windy – we will cancel if there is lightning in the region (within 8 miles).

There will be NO MAKE UP classes, unless we cancel the class.

Registration and payment deadline is February 5, 2023

Acceptable payment options  –  no fee options – cash, check, Zelle (  Venmo to pointstothecross   (add 3%)   and PayPal (add 5%) to

It would be strongly encouraged that each archer has their own equipment (approved by our Coach).  If you do not have your own equipment or approved equipment, you can be fitted and purchased through us.   But, if that is not possible, the use of club equipment will be available.

The use of club equipment such as bows (bow strings), arm guards, finger tabs, and arrows will be used only by one archer per class time.   All club equipment (including tabs, arm guards, and strings) will be cleaned before and after each class.

Archers (and parents) are encouraged to bring chairs, water  or other drinks, warm clothing, and whatever convenience items necessary to make your class time comfortable

We encourage people to do anything that require the bathroom to do so prior to coming.  We will make our bathroom available and it will be sanitized before and after use.

Health Precautions: If you have been in contact with someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19, please stay home. If you are feeling unwell, have a fever or cough, please stay home. If you or a family member have travelled or been in an area that has a high density of cases and/or has other medical restrictions, it is advised to stay home.

2023 Indoor (winter) group classes

Recap of the 2023 winter class schedule           availability as of 1/30/2023
 MONDAYS (8 WEEKS)                                           4:00-5:00      6:00-7:00
 2/13, 2/20, 2/27, 3/6, 3/13, 3/20, 3/27, 4/3               5 open            3 open
 TUESDAYS (8 WEEKS)                                          4:00-5:00       6:00-7:00                  
 2/14, 2/21, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21, 3/28, 4/4               CLOSED         2 open
WEDNESDAYS (8 WEEKS)                                    4:00-5:00      6:00-7:00 
2/15, 2/22, 3/1, 3/8, 3/15, 3/22, 3/29, 4/5                   CLOSED         6 open
Price is per 8 week session:
$150 with your own(approved) equipment; 
$180 with use of club equipment
Minimum starting age 10 years old. 
Minimum class size 3; max is 6
(if there are not enough students or too many signed up for a particular class time that class will be moved to a different time)
Acceptable payment options – 
free – cash, check, or Zelle to pointstothecross 
Venmo (add 3%) to pointstothecross 
PayPal (add 5% processing fee) to

                                                 2023 Winter Session 1 class schedule only  

To register for all classes, a “try it” lesson, or for private lessons,

Points to the Cross general purpose registration form